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What we do

Our scalable services are designed to electrify organizations of any size.

Our primary services follow three basic steps to create a thriving workplace.  Each step can be done at different levels of time commitment, and can be purchased a la carte or within a package, both which effect pricing.  We also do a wide variety of special projects including but not limited to training, intranet design, program launch, research projects, group facilitation and event planning. Get your freebie and find out more.

1. Inspire: Where do you want to be tomorrow?

  • Detailed Culture Creation – This is a four to eight hour facilitated session with the managers that includes information and audience participation. These sessions have the added benefit creating shared language and expectations amongst the leaders, which is critical during times of change and transition.
  • Cursory Culture Education – This is a presentation during a management meeting. Information sharing only.

2. InformWhere are you today?

  • Detailed Culture Discovery– A sample of your employees (past and present), customers and vendors will be interviewed. Additionally we will review employee practice material (like an employee handbook), examples of internal communication and your website.
  • Cursory Mini-Discovery – A survey will be sent to your employees (or we will review existing employee survey data) and your website will be reviewed.

3. ImproveHow do we get there?

  • Detailed Improvement Plan – The recommendations from a detailed report will be specific to your company (and could be more numerous) based on the thoroughness of the information collected and includes 3 management follow-up meetings and a 90-day progress report.
  • Cursory Improvement Plan The recommended actions will be of a more generic and do-it-yourself nature.

Our prices start at $2,500 for a detailed project (a la carte Culture Creation, Culture Discovery, Improvement Plan are $1,000 each) and $1000 for a cursory project (a la carte Culture Education, Mini-Culture Discovery and a do-it-yourself Improvement plan are $500 each.)

The value you will derive from the successful completion of a project with us will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Unbiased external assessment of the inner workings of your company. Our experience has shown that employees share more with a professional stranger than in employer-administered surveys. We will provide information about yourself that you could not get by yourself and make you aware of items that were previously unknown.
  • 20+ years of professional leadership experience and expertise, armed with a specific and detailed understanding of your company realities, will be applied to enabling your employees to do their best work.
  • A plan of action (plus education about the elements of culture and resources for improvement) to achieve the project objectives.
  • Your management gets experience with a process methodology that can be reused in future years.

The bigger picture of the value that comes from investing in culture development was best said by Patrick Lencioni (bestselling author and consultant): “An organization is healthy when it is whole, consistent, and complete. That is when its management, operations, strategy and culture fit together and make sense. Healthy organizations surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.  The price of poor health includes office politics, dysfunction, confusion, and bureaucracy which wastes resources and time, decreases productivity, increases employee turnover and customer attrition.  Plus there is a larger social cost of the real anguish for real human beings when work is drudgery with diminished hope which produces low self-esteem that leak into their families and communities. Don’t underestimate the cost of unhealthy organizations. Turning an unhealthy organization into a healthy one will not only create a competitive advantage and improved bottom line, it will also make a real difference in the lives of the people who work there. And for the leaders, who spearhead those efforts, it will be one of the most meaningful and rewarding endeavors they will ever pursue.”