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2. Become informed and inform others. To create that inspired future you need to understand how close (or how far away) it is from today’s realities and share that with those you rely on to create the future.  To truly understand is to know it from the experiences of your employees (past and present), vendors and customers. It is true that not everyone’s experiences are the same  and therefore perception of the company culture will differ some but what is interesting is how much different they are from each other and from the leaders viewpoint. This process of discovery  can be quick and electronic for a cursory understanding or via detailed in-person interviews to get to the foundational tenants that are brought to life through stories shared with trusted, skilled third-party interviewers.

By engaging with us you will get information about your company that was previously unknown and that you could not acquire yourself. Our services are scalable to fit every size of company, budget and appetite for information. Let us show you a real day-in-the-life at your company or add soul to any employee engagement data you already have . Get your freebie to find out more.

“If you have been trying to make changes in how your organization works, you need to find out how the existing culture aids or hinders you.”

Edgar Schein, professor MIT Sloan School of Management