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Who we are

We are a consultancy firm that specializes in employee engagement and leadership development.

Our mission is to improve the world of work so people can live life to their fullest potential. We do this by applying a systematic process with company executives to create a purposeful culture, one reinforced throughout people practices.

When it comes to culture, one size doesn’t fit all. A culture should be created and managed to meet the environment and objectives of the company.  We pride ourselves on being chameleons, adapting to the environment we’re working in to quickly become effective, understood, transparent, and trusted.

Penny Bivens, MBA


Penny has spent over 20 years in corporate America in a variety of marketing, HR, and leadership positions. She has been a senior-level leader in a global organization, has been a small business owner, and is now is finding joy in consulting. Through the course of her career Penny has been on both sides of the employee/employer equation in a variety of situations: She has been a member of great and not-so-great teams, has led in growing as well as declining businesses, and has experienced the hardest part of working; she has been laid-off and has had to lay people off. Through it all one thing was constant; the environment at work—good or bad—affected people beyond work. She is a “fixer” at heart and is driven to help people lead better lives by systematically reengineering what causes most frustration and confusion at work. Previously Penny successfully built Intel’s HR Communication function which brought global consistency, record levels of quality, and steadily decreasing cost to this function while completely overhauling the company intranet. She recently won the Gold Hermes Creative Award from Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals for outstanding communications concept, writing, and design. Penny received an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Utah State University.

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Lon Schiffbauer, Ph.D., MBA, SPHR


Lon is a culture expert who believes that when employees are engaged in what the company is trying to accomplish on a personal and meaningful level, great things can happen. Lon has over 25 years experience working for such companies as FedEx, Intel, eBay, and other global companies that differentiate themselves on culture. Lon holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. For his doctoral dissertation he studied the effects of the pursuit of self-esteem on an employee’s ability to thrive in the workplace. He is also the author of Wet Water: A New Approach to Thriving in the Workplace. He is a faculty member and Area Chair of the College of Organizational Behavior at the University of Phoenix. He is SPHR-certified and a member of the Salt Lake SHRM Board of Directors.

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