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What culture can mean for you

Work often defines how we feel about ourselves and those around us.

It’s hardly surprising, given how much of ourselves we give to the job. Roughly 25 million U.S. workers report working more than 50 hours a week. Of those, 40-percent report more than 60 hours a week. That comes out to about half your waking life. Work can be a source of unspeakable anguish or a noble and invigorating activity that gives our lives passion and meaning. Which is it often comes down to a question of culture.  It is our belief that organizational culture is about more than work life; it’s about creating a thriving environment so people can live life to their fullest potential. Our passion and purpose—what gets us up in the morning and continues to drive us forward—is providing leaders the tools they need to create a thriving environment for those in their charge. Here is what a few of our clients have to say:

Andrew Howard

Executive Vice President at AmBank
Penny Bivens will help you assess the true state of your company’s culture. Drawing upon her considerable training and real-world experiences, she has helped our leadership team to better understand our corporate culture and to become better communicators. As Penny led our leadership team through a specially tailored corporate culture project, she challenged our conventional communication methods and social understandings. From this, we gained valuable insights about our company, our employees, and ourselves. This project has helped us to create better alignment, give clearer direction, and build better working relationships. All leaders should make the investment to understand their company’s corporate culture. With this aim, I highly recommend Penny Bivens’ services.

Brad Tanner

President at Triple T Heating, Cooling & Plumbing
Penny approached me with some interesting questions about the culture at our business. After some interviews with Q&A from our staff, clients and leadership team, it was obvious we needed some assistance. I recommend this culture awareness process to any leader who wants to get more input from their employees. Their analysis followed by custom training is a powerful combination that gets to the heart of issues you may not even know exists in your company. For us, they introduced us to our own version of a “talking stick” which has improved upward communication and is ultimately helping to build more collaborative relationships with our employees. With Penny’s training and coaching, our team has made some progress to achieve a better culture, we are committed to constantly improve on it.

David Gale

User Experience Designer, Creative/Technical Writer, Senior Web Content Analyst at eBay
I had the pleasure of working with Lon for nearly a year. His wit and wisdom definitely helped keep our team meet our deliverables on time and with the objectives we outlined in the beginning. Lon knows his stuff. I’m hopeful I’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with him again in the future.

James King

Senior Vice President- Technical Support & Technology at MasterControl
Penny and Lon exude professionalism. Their consultative approach to internal employee communications is spot-on, resulting in significantly improved communications and better informed employees. I highly recommend them for your business.

Paul Recanzone

President at OHIvey
Lon Schiffbauer and Penny Bivens have been critical in the successful development of grant applications and business planning for OHIvey and our clients. Lon is able to swiftly come to an understanding of his clients’ needs, to develop materials to match those needs, and to identify and resolve weaknesses in presentation material. I highly recommend Lon and Penny to anyone.

Tera Sunder

Director of HR at CR Bard Access
I had the pleasure of working with Penny when I worked a Nelson Labs. We were in need of a revamp of our internal communication process. Penny was a great leader for our Senior Executive team in our endeavor to become great communicators to our employees. Her work was thoughtful and on time. She was respectful of our culture and kept us on track. I would recommend Penny to anyone who is looking for direction on internal or external communication plans.

I started working with Lon in 2011 when we were dealing with developing an internal communication program at Nelson Labs. Lon put together a strategy for our company that was very comprehensive and sustainable to support our future growth. His expertise in the area of communications is apparent from his questioning, plan development and execution to his ability to teach the “whys” along the way that enabled internal buy in from all levels. I would highly recommend Lon for any communication or branding project you may have he is a pleasure to work with and produces terrific results.