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Mindful Communication

10 Elements of Good Communications

This, from our communications guru, Penny Bivens.

Need a checklist for good corporate communications? Line up your campaigns with these 10 fundamentals and you can’t go wrong:

  1. Strategic – get the desired employee behavior that aligns to business objectives.
  2. Referenceable – accessible when employee needs the information, reduces word-of-mouth inefficiencies and rumors from incorrect information.
  3. Standardized – increased readership from trusted sources.
  4. Targeted – to specific audiences reduces volume to all.
  5. Predictable – so employees know where to look for what types of information.
  6. Consistent quality – increase readership, understanding and retention of messages.
  7. Timely – delivered soon enough in advance to plan for but not so soon the information is not relevant or complete.
  8. Concise – shows respect for readers time; increases readership overtime.
  9. Includes feedback loop – answer questions/gather employee input (to update content and increase value overtime.)
  10. Sustained – so old information does not confuse, clutter,  and distract


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